The Perfect Gift of Jeans?

The Perfect Gift of Jeans? How I wish I could give you a list of great jean lines, but I can't. The reason is that Liverpool Jeans has stolen my heart. See, I am a blue jean girl to the core. Only in the last few years have I branched out (slightly). Most of my life, it's been blue jeans. If I needed to dress up, then it was jeans and heels. If I needed to go somewhere casual, it was jeans and tennis shoes. From high school and college to now having three little toddlers, I have seen my fair share of jeans. I have worn them all--nice jeans, cheap jeans, saggy jeans, and tight jeans (that was mostly in my college years). In all that time, I can't remember ever really being committed to a brand because I liked it so much.
Then I fell in love. We ordered a shipment of Liverpool Jeans to try out in the store. So, of course, when they came in I was one of the first in line to try them on. I haven't bought anything else since. I could start rambling like a crazy woman with reasons why I love this brand, but in the following let me try to coherently explain myself.

The Perfect Gift of Jeans? 

How can jeans be a perfect gift? Isn't that a little risky? Not if it's a gift to yourself!! Some reasons solidly justify this type of "gifting." Liverpool has a jean technology that I haven't experienced with any other line, personally. They call it the 4-way stretch contour. They use a compression fabric blend that helps to lift and shape your figure. It lifts your bottom and supports your hips and thighs to bring you the best pair of jeans ever. All those fancy words mean is this:At the end of the day, your pants are sagging in the back. We all know how incredibly annoying it is to keep having to pull up your pants. By the end of the day, you are trying not to breathe too hard because with any slight movement you can feel them inching down. Liverpool Jeans do NOT do this! If I had a megaphone right now I would use it. So let me repeat. There is NO SAGGING IN THE REAR with these jeans. This is true not only after one wear but multiple. Whatever jean "technology" they have going on, it's working. We have all had a pair of jeans that were not dirty but we've had to wash and dry them just to get their shape back. Not Liverpool. They aren't too tight either. How is this even possible??? I can change the old saying when it comes to Liverpool Jeans, "You CAN have your cake and eat it too." You would think there would be a compromise in comfort, right? If they don't sag, then they must be too tight. Liverpool wins again because that is not the case. They don't lose their shape and remain one of the most comfortable pair of jeans ever. They make you look a size smaller, figuratively and literally. I say figuratively because the jean technology does make you look a size smaller than you are. I say literally because I have found that most people buy a size smaller than what they wear in other brands. That makes anyone feel good. Liverpool knows how to win us over!It's hard to wear them out! As I said, I am a jean girl. So my jeans get a lot of use. I usually try to air dry them, but I don't always. There have been a few times I was switching the laundry over at midnight and just wanted them to be fully dry by morning. Regardless of how much I wear them or dry them, they are still in excellent shape. They aren't getting holes in the back pockets, unlike other jeans I have had in the past. They aren't wearing out on the knee. They look just as good as when I first bought them. So impressive.

Best Styles

My personal favorite is Abby Skinny. I love Liverpool's statement pieces, but when it comes to a basic go-to jean, the Abby Skinny is what you want. Over the years I have collected it in black, dark blue, grey, white, then I got another dark blue. It's easy to get obsessed! They have been a great style I can depend on when you don't need the extra detail of the fashion jeans. The Abby Skinny Black Rinse and the Abby Skinny Griffith are great colors in that style that are current for the fall season.When it comes to fashion jeans, Liverpool is trending with the best. They usually have jeans with a lot of detail or some awesome colors. The color jeans for this fall are the Piper Hugger Skinny Lipstick and the Abby Ankle Jeans in Honey. Have fun with the bold colors for this season!! The Saxton Sienna Seam Moto Jeans are a great statement of jeans. They have seam detailing with zippers up the sides on the bottom. They also feature faux front slant pockets that give them an edgier look. The Stovepipe jean is another piece you want if you're looking for something out-of-the-box! They have so much character with the exposed buttons and released raw hem. Even these specialty jeans feature the 4-way stretch contour. So you will love wearing the fashion pieces.

There's More

I don't even have time to get into Liverpool's other amazing products like their leggings, tops, and jackets. If I did this would be the never-ending blog. Rest assured you will be hearing from me on the other great products from Liverpool in the future because if you can't tell they truly have won my heart. 
Make sure to check out these perfect gifts for yourself on our website. I have a feeling you will fall in love just like we did! 
Fashionably Yours, 

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