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About Us

 Hello and welcome to Good & Perfect Gifts! I'm Jera, the owner, and I'm so thrilled you stopped by to learn a little more about us!

After selling a successful real estate company and moving across the state, I missed connecting with people. I really enjoyed helping people "get what they want." The negations' process was a favorite for me, and I also loved helping rearrange for selling or after a new purchase. This was all included in my services. Of course, this was long before there were TV shows about this! 

So because I missed helping people, I decided to open a retail shop with no retail experience. Crazy, right? YES, crazy! 

Setting up and decorating the shop was easy for me, but the business side involved plenty of trial and error. After nearly 15 years, we have moved away from home décor; the focus is heavy on jewelry, accessories, and clothing. 

Zeroing in on customers' preferences is still second nature. These days, the challenge is balancing my love for helping people "get what they want" and the therapy of rearranging the showroom (which is no longer needed) with online shopping. Scheduling styling appointments with people helps and gets me back to what I love best: helping people love their new finds! 

Seeing delight and joy on a customer's face, because they did not expect things to come together so perfectly (whether it's a whole outfit, an added piece of jewelry, or a home that we have rearranged or redone), gives me a feeling of satisfaction that is my "happy place." To me, when people spend money, it should never be "just okay." They should love it!!  

Thank you for your support - it means the world to me!