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Shop our new ecommerce store Where to begin? After 12 years in business, we can’t believe we are now online. It feels like a whole new world with many adventures ahead. With that being said, we are excited to share our vision with YOU! 
My mother-in-law, Jera, started Good and Perfect Gifts as a chance to meet new people in a small town she had just moved to at the time. After showing signs of success, she moved her store to Jefferson City, Missouri. There she fell in love with Brighton, which we continue to sell in our storefront to this day. Many more relationships with great products were started. Since then, it has continued to transform. Good and Perfect Gifts has also been located in Osage Beach, MO, and Eldon, MO. 
I, Rachel, joined the family in 2011 and hopped on board helping with Good and Perfect Gifts. Many others, along with myself, have seen the store through many seasons and locations. Jera and her family decided to move to Springfield, MO in 2012. She kept the Eldon location open for quite a while but decided to close it because of the distance and open Good and Perfect Gifts in Springfield.
So here we are. We have been open for about 18 months and have decided to take our vision to the world wide web. Our vision has grown bigger and bigger. Jera and I see more for Good and Perfect Gifts than just a retail shop. We want to use it as an avenue of ministry to help others. We want to be a blessing to our community.
The staff at Good and Perfect Gifts also want to use it to bless you. We want to offer you a place to find the best of the best, which doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive. We love quality clothes, jewelry and gifts. We have been exposed to so many great products over the past 12 years, through the store and other avenues, that we feel confident in what we have chosen to sell.
We believe in these products. Everything we sell, we are personally sold on. We wear the clothes, deck out in the jewelry, burn the candles, use the cleaning products, etc. There are so many unique lines out there, and the ones you will find in our store and on the website are genuinely our favorites.
The staff at Good and Perfect Gifts doesn’t pick what is necessarily the latest trend. Trends come and go too fast. Jera is busy. I’m a mom of three toddlers. I’m busy. You are busy. We don’t have time to run with the fleeting fashion trends. Therefore, we choose the clothing that is classy, the jewelry that is timeless, and the gifts you will be proud to give…items that you can depend on for more than one season.
Thank you for starting this adventure with us. We are ready to see what is ahead in this new chapter we are beginning together.
Be blessed!

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