Fall childrens clothing 2019 guide what to buy

Fall childrens clothing 2019 guide what to buy Autumn is a wonderful time of the year. The weather is changing. The scents are changing. Everyone is gearing up for the winter months ahead. In the retail world, we are receiving shipments weekly and gearing up for Christmas. It sounds crazy to plan so far ahead, but that's just how it is. At market this summer, we stepped out on a limb and decided to expand our children's products a bit further. As we prepare for the cooler weather and Christmas season, we are receiving our great finds for toddlers from the market weekly. We wanted to let you in on some of our 2019 Autumn favorites. There's one big question to address first! Why can you trust me to tell you about the quality of kid's products? I just googled "quality kids products" and came up with 721,000,000 results. So what makes my opinion matter in the midst of all those?My husband and I both have parents that suffer from OTTS (also known as Over-the-Top-Syndrome). Yes, I just made that up and diagnosed them. All you parents out there know what I am talking about. For example, I was not allowed to have light-up shoes growing up. My mom, however, bought my daughter two pairs for Christmas (I know why parents do not buy them. When they go off in the car at night, you think you're getting pulled over). Here's another one: my husband couldn't get a trampoline when he was little, but guess what is sitting in our backyard? A top-of-the-line trampoline that I did not buy. I think every grandparent suffers from OTTS, and so they should. Here's my point. If our over-the-top parents do not cheap out on toys, then they definitely do not cheap out on clothes. So we have owned some of the nicest clothes for our little ones. To be honest, we are getting a bit spoiled. So we had a goal when we went to market this year to open with new toddler clothing lines. We wanted the quality we were used to with price parents could afford because most of us do not suffer from OTTS. Parents want to budget and be practical. I believe we hit the nail on the head with the brands we found. Below are our 2019 Autumn favorites for kids in the Ozarks. 

Joules Fall children's clothing

Joules makes an impression. The quality is there. The cuteness is there. The comfort is there. It is so hard to pick one reason why we chose it as one of the best toddler clothing brands for the Ozarks. It really brings out an emotion in me, for example in one of our Facebook live videos I was opening the shipment box and I was so excited talking about it that I ran out of breath! The Britain company was started in 1977 by the Joules family. They sold branded clothing and accessories to country shows. It had so much success that they were inspired to start their own clothing line. In March 1999, Joules was launched as its own brand, and in 2008 Little Joules was formed for children. They continue to have success and are now reaching the US. I believe Joules continues to grow because there are very few people who are not extremely pleased with their products. Even my little ones love it! When I forced my son to take all these photos of the clothing lines, I got the typical boy's response "This is torture". When he put on the children's airplane sweater, his eyes lit up and he said, "This feels so good". My daughter has the Joules Millicent Duck dress. Every time I let her pick out what she wants to wear she chooses that dress, which would be fine if it was not still so hot outside! She loves it though. When my kids love wearing it, I am even more sold on the quality of the product. 

Noruk children's clothing

The Noruk collection is a popular toddler brand in Canada and Europe. It was started in 1999 and is celebrating 20 years of experience in children's clothing. The popular toddler brand was not introduced to the United States until 2016 so it is still fairly new. What struck me about the Noruk collection was the trendy style of the kid's clothing. They have themes that categorize their collections. Each collection is bursting with cuteness. Every piece has unique details and patterns that are unexpected. Would you expect to mix camo and stripe? No!! They did, and they did it well. Their Happy Camper line has the camo, subtle stripe, camping patches, cartoon animal screen prints, and pops of red detail that make the line come alive. We can tell they care about the details. Even better than that, they care about the materials. Sometimes when you pay for cute and trendy, you lose the comfy aspect. That is not the case with Noruk. The materials are soft and almost all of their fabrics are stretchable. Their products are also durable. They will not fall apart on you and it will be another line your child loves. 

Under Armour

You probably didn't think I would bring up Under Armour, did you? I know it is nothing new and exciting, but it is still a favorite for several reasons. First, it can handle my six-year-old. I try to focus on the dead bug collection he just discovered in the backyard, but in my head, I am looking at the grass stains on his pants and the incredible amount of dirt on his shirt and under his fingernails that he is completely un-phased by. I do not have to freak out when it is Under Armour though. I let those clothes soak in a little bit of Shout stain remover, wash them and they are good to go. Second, it is an easy outfit. They have great tracksuits and sets that I do not have to think about. There are days I do not have time to come up with all the ins and outs of a trendy outfit. Those are the days where I can throw Under Armour on him and go. He looks good and feels good and it is a win for me. 

Jojo Maman

Jojo Maman Bebe was started in 1993 with the goal to provide quality clothing for toddlers that were comfortable and would last. They were selling products online before most of us knew what the internet was. In 2002, they opened their first store in London because customers were insisting on it. Since then it has continued to grow. Last year they opened two stores on the US east coast. They do a lot of environmental and charity work, which is always great. The color and pattern choices are what stand out to me. When I look at a piece of Jojo, I truly cannot decide what I like better. Is it the perfect blend of pastels on the llama dress or how cute the llama is? I believe you will find yourself asking the same questions. The high quality of the design and fabric make it easy to spend money on the clothes that are incredibly cute and will last. Fun fact: the Royal family loves Jojo! The Duchess of Cambridge and her daughter, Charlotte, have both been pictured wearing Jojo clothing. The owner of Jojo was even given an award by Queen Elizabeth for her quality work in the business. I guess if it is good enough for the Royals, it is good enough for me. We really hope you check out our Autumn children's clothing that is available now at Good and Perfect Gifts. You will not be disappointed. We also want to remind you that we have a small-town feel in-store and if you are unable to make it into the store, we have a website that you can use shop to from home. If you are interested in several pieces of kid's clothing, we are willing to give you a price break! Just email us! 

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