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Citrine Rollerball 0.27oz


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Citrine Rollerball (8 mL)

This travel size rollerball is a cheerful citrusy floral fragrance that balances lemon blossom, lotus flower, and freesia with the essence of morning dew and hints of precious woods.

"My father was a portrait photographer in Palm Beach, Florida. When I was a little girl, he was privileged to have the honor of photographing the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. I was on the shoot that day, and the memory of seeing the Duchess of Windsor in her yellow silk chiffon dress has been embedded in my mind ever since. She looked so radiant, like a ray of sunshine. The way she glowed in that dress would later inspire me to create Citrine." – Laura Slatkin
Fragrance Family
Scent Type
Citrus Floral
Key Notes
Lemon blossom, lotus flower, freesia, essence of morning dew, and precious woods
Dimensions- .64" D x 4.75" H
Weight-.25 fl oz | 8 mL