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Perfect Gifts for Christmas 2019 -Part 2

Perfect Gifts for Christmas 2019 -Part 2

More Perfect Gifts for Christmas 2019

Can you believe Thanksgiving is so close? Right now we are dreaming of the classic Thanksgiving dinner, Macy’s parade and a break from work. Maybe you’ve been swishing around ideas in your head about what you might give as Christmas gifts for this 2019 season, but so far there has been no pressure. You take your last bite of turkey, watch the parade or football, enjoy your family and finally doze off in complete satisfaction. When you wake up, however, it will be time to get serious. No longer will the ideas you have been thinking of be at the back of your mind. They will be screaming with megaphones! The Christmas gift countdown will be started, and we don’t want you to stress.


We want you to enjoy the holidays so we have added a Part 2 to our “Perfect Gifts for Christmas 2019.”  If you haven’t read our first gift guide then we encourage you to do so. It has some amazing ideas on it as well. For Part 2, we have a longer list of more perfect gifts you can count on. We can silence the screaming voices and take the pressure of this holiday season. So let’s get started!



Nest fragrances offer various products, but predominantly they sell candles. Not just any candles, they best candles ever in my opinion. Good and Perfect gifts has been open in various locations for almost 13 years now. I have been around for the past 9 years. So let me tell you, between Jera and I, we have smelled our fair share of candles and fragrances. Nest is my favorite for several reasons:


  1. The packaging is gorgeous. We love just tying a tulle bow around it and giving them that way. Why put such a beautiful candle in a gift bag that isn’t as pretty?
  2. The scent travels. It travels far. You will be surprised how quickly the fragrance will fill up the room.
  3. The scents are good. Listen, I’m so tired of French vanilla, apple spice, pumpkin spice, clean linen. It seems like every candle line give a straight forward name for a straight forward scent. Yes, all clean linen smells for every line smell the same except with Nest. Somehow the creator has managed to add layers to each scent and unique fragrances without getting weird. Too be honest, out of all the ones we carry there isn’t one I don’t like. This is the main reason I wanted to add this to our gift list. It’s so much more than just a candle. Anyone who receives it and uses it, will absolutely love it.


Nest is absolutely worth the price for what you are getting. You aren’t paying for a brand. You are paying for a legitimate, awesome candle.


Great for: Hostess gifts, close friends, boss, pastor/pastor’s wife, neighbor


Best scents: Bamboo, Grapefruit, Apricot Tea


Best seasonal: Pumpkin chai, Birchwood Pine, Holiday, Sugar Cookie

Nest Fragrance Candles


I’m not sure you could go wrong with any Mariana jewelry, but one that we definitely sell more of during the holidays is the Guardian Angel necklace. It is an incredibly simple yet elegant piece that brings so much meaning to your gift. Everything from the Mariana line is made in Israel. It comes in a quality white bag with a card that tells the story as to why Mariana made this specific piece. The face of the necklace is made from beautiful Swarovski crystals. The back of the necklace has an angel engraved in it. It is definitely a beautiful, sentimental gift! It’s also an amazing price for the impact it will have on the one who receives it.


Great for: a mother, grandmother, sister, best friend, mother-in-law, pastor’s wife


Guardian Angel Necklace  Guardian Angel Necklace




I think sometimes we shy away from handbags as gifts because it feels a little too risky. What if they don’t like it? What if it’s not the right style? What if the inside doesn’t have the right layout? These are all legitimate questions, but I see it a different way.


I see it as an opportunity to try new things. Most of us, get stuck in the rut of the same style, same look. We personally don’t want to spend the money to take the risk either on something we may or may not like. So we carry a tote for 10 years only to find out that we love the cross-body style. So maybe this Christmas, you will take the risk, and give someone in your life a handbag. Take the risk for them! They may absolutely love it and that would be totally worth it!


Great for: mother, close friend, sister


 Brighton Green Handbag


Reversible Tote Reversible Tote


Italian Leather Bag Italian Leather Bag Italian Leather Bag

Red Sofia Italian Leather BagORNAMENTS


Yes, the classic ornament. The stone ornaments I am talking about aren’t so classic, though. These have meaning and are really unique. They come boxed which is really nice. It makes more like a gift than just wrapping it up in some tissue paper and  handing it over to the recipient. They are made from stone in Ephesus and have Scripture or encouraging words printed on them. I will show you a few examples. They are simple, but such amazing gifts. I have given them for so many occasions and the response is always so positive. If you aren’t crazy about giving the ornament style, they also have different size blocks or magnets available.


Great for: neighbors, mentors, coworkers, friends, pastor 


Stone Scripture Ornament Stone Scripture Ornament



This is a great one! They are colorful, quirky and fun! Finchberry makes soaps “by the slice.” Each “slice” is decorated like a piece of elaborate cake. These soaps are gluten-free, vegan-friendly and are made without harsh chemicals. They are super fun and inexpensive. They will bring out a smile to anyone who receives them. We have picked the ones we felt were the best and you can shop them on our website. It’s hard to pick just one favorite!


Great for: friends, coworks, neighbors


Vegan Soap Vegan Soap



Nativities are always a perfect holiday gift. There is so much meaning behind the gift that it’s hard not to like them. One of our favorite nativities is the Cardinal nativity. The birth of Christ is uniquely portrayed by these sweet cardinal birds. It is a twist to the traditional look, but very cute and nice for something different. The red birds will definitely take the holiday spirit up a few notches. It also comes in a red and black buffalo plaid box tied with tulle. Absolutely perfect!

Cardinal Nativity

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