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Perfect gifts for Christmas

Perfect gifts for Christmas

Can you believe it is already time to start thinking about Christmas? In a few short weeks, the fall décor will go back in storage and out will come everything for the magical season. The tree, ornaments, wreaths, lights, and garland will be on full display. If that was all we had to think about for the season, the holidays would be easy! But there’s so much more! What parties are you going to? Are you joining the Christmas play at church? Are you sending out Christmas cards? What picture are you going to use? The questions go on and on and on… Yet, the biggest, most stressful questions have not even been asked.

What will be the perfect gift? I’m not just talking about for your husband. What about your daughter, son, grandma, mother, father, uncle, mentor, pastors, neighbors? I can feel my stress level rising just typing that. There is too much to think about! That’s where we want to help you out! Let us take a little bit of the load off. We can help you find the perfect gift for women in your life this Christmas 2019 season. 

The Perfect Gifts

I wanted to highlight some of our best gifts for this season. From jewelry to candles, these are the gifts we love to recommend during the holidays. They will be gifts you will be proud to give and anyone would be happy to receive. Brighton lockets

Brighton Lockets –If You are Local

Brighton is a solid jewelry line. The quality is there! I have been wearing a pair of hoops for over six years, and they still look brand new and in-style. With that being said, you CANNOT go wrong with a piece of Brighton jewelry. 

I want to, however, highlight some of their more “gifty” items. All the above is still true for these pieces, but they are a safer option if selecting statement jewelry seems a little more intimidating. First, the Brighton locket is a perfect gift, especially if you want to do something a little more meaningful. Let me make this a little more appealing because I know you are thinking about the dreaded locket dilemma - the dilemma of getting the picture in the locket. We have all been there! We all want to avoid lockets after the last experience of printing 850 pictures from Walgreens and trying to get the right size in the locket. It is pure frustration!!!

Hallelujah! There is now a solution to this dreaded locket problem. Let me tell you how simple it is:

Pick out a locket in-store.  

Then while you are in there, you can send the picture you want to use to one of our phones. We have a special app that will print the picture perfectly the FIRST TIME!!! 

Cut it out and put it in.


Lockets have never been easier. We love having this option now. It finally makes this meaningful gift quick and easy to do!

Brighton also has a variety of other gifts such as clocks, ring holders, frames and pillboxes. They have the classic Brighton styles that take these everyday items to the next level – a perfect gift for anyone. 


How can you go wrong with beautiful Lafonn? Everything is crafted in sterling silver and bonded with platinum, yellow or rose gold. The simulated diamonds are cut and set by jewelers to give even more detail and perfection to every piece. With all those elements, even their simplest styles are absolutely stunning. The cherry on top of it all is that the stones have a lifetime guarantee. So if anything happens to the stone in your beautiful piece, Lafonn will replace it. It’s nice to know that a company believes in their product so much that they will make that kind of promise. It makes you feel better knowing your money is well spent on a trustworthy product. 

Lafonn carries elegant jewelry pieces. They also have a wonderful birthstone line that comes in necklaces and rings. Initials are available as well. So many options for a perfect Christmas gift!



Lollia has always been an impressive line for us. They have a variety of bath and body products from lotion to candles. Every level of their product seems to go above and beyond in every way. First, the packaging is spot on. It is so entirely pretty. That is what caught our eye, to begin with. There is so much detail on every box. The colors are pretty. The designs are pretty. Everything is pretty! You have to go through a mental battle at the register on whether you are really going to buy this as a gift or just use it when you get home. The big question is, what is under that beautiful packaging? We have all been tricked by pretty packaging to a less impressive product lying within. 

Not with Lollia!

The products are wonderful. I am extremely picky about scents. If they are too strong I easily get a headache. We have five scents in-store and online, and I can honestly say I like all of them. They are soft, dreamy scents that aren’t overpowering. That’s why I’m throwing this out there as a safe gift. I don’t think you will find too many people that are opposed to the scents we have picked out. The quality of the product is there too. I use the Dream hand crème. It is super moisturizing, but not greasy! You can feel the difference it makes. It is also long-lasting. I used it one morning that could still smell it on my skin after a shower that night. I always say to our customers that this is a gift anyone would be proud to give or happy to receive.


I could keep writing and writing and writing. I haven’t even covered half of what I wanted to tell you! I’m at my 1000 word limit so I guess that just means I will have to do a Part 2! I have so many other perfect gift ideas on my list so you won’t want to miss it. 

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